Occupational Health Services

With a robust Occupational Health program, employers and employees alike benefit from reduced absenteeism and turnover, increased productivity, morale, and job satisfaction, and are less likely to become sick or injured. Our Occupational Health services are designed to help you identify health risks, link to appropriate resources, encourage positive lifestyle choices and establish baselines for regular health monitoring.

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Wilson Health offers the following Occupational Health Services:


Near Site Health Clinics

Our near-site and shared health centers are customized to each company, with a focus on complete care, emphasizing prevention and the patient-provider relationship.

We offer a close by healthcare clinic, generally located within a 5-mile radius of your company location. This is a great opportunity for companies who want to provide healthcare for not only employees, but spouses and dependents as well. Our near site clinics are built to provide the patient with everything they'd find at their local clinics conveniently and cost-friendly.


Meet Our Team


Dr. Scott Short

MD, CHCQM, CCM, Medical Director
Lance Neeley 3-1

Lance Neeley

CNP, Nurse Practitioner
Michael Beyer meet-team

Dr. Michael Beyer

Near-Site Clinic Physician

Regardless of the type of worksite health services that work best for your company, Wilson Health’s goal is always the same – improve access to care for your employees, improve their overall health and well-being and increase work efficiencies and productivity for your company.

Our Wilson Health team will work with you to evaluate your current health and wellness programs and design solutions to maximize your return on health spend and improve the overall health of your workforce.

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If you have any questions or wish to contact our Occupational Health Services team, please fill out the form or call us at (937) 492-7296.