High-Quality Emergency Care

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

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About Our Emergency Providers:

The OSU Physicians group practice of THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Wexner Medical Center, one of America’s best hospitals for more than 30 years, joined forces with Community Emergency Medicine Partners, LLC, a respected and experienced provider of emergency clinical staff to form Community Health Partners (CHP). Together, they are committed to supporting independent regional hospitals like Wilson Health and the communities we serve.

The staff of Board Certified Physicians, Advance Practice Nurses, and Physician Assistants offer consistent, reliable, and high-quality care with a proven track record of increasing patient satisfaction and improving quality outcomes.

We are committed to caring for you 24/7.

Trying to decide between the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, or your Family Doctor's Office?

Know where to go

Why should you choose Wilson Health's Emergency Room Department?

Unlike freestanding ERs, Wilson Health's Emergency Department is recognized by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an emergency department. It can also be less expensive than transferring from a freestanding ER because you won't be charged multiple facility fees.

We do our very best to see our patients and treat their illnesses or injuries as quickly as possible. And be assured that we prioritize our patients depending on the degree of illness or injury. If you ever have an emergency medical need, let our team of experts provide you with skilled and dependable care.

Wilson Health's main hospital in Sidney offers patients quick and efficient access to emergency hospital services including:


Surgical Services

Wilson Health offers a wide variety of surgical services with highly qualified staff and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, close to home. For more information, visit our website at Surgical Services.


Radiology & Imaging Services

We use a variety of imaging technologies to help us obtain detailed views of our patient's internal anatomies, to minimize the need for invasive diagnostic surgery. For more information, visit Radiology & Imaging Services.


Level II Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Our Level II Cardiac Cath Lab is staffed by interventional cardiologists, nurses and technologists who provide high quality heart and vascular care and effective treatment for patients with heart and vascular diseases. For more information, visit Level II Cath Lab.

When it comes to life-threatening situations or immediate medical care, you want the possible emergency care.

Wilson Health's Emergency Department is a hospital-based ER and consists of a multidisciplinary healthcare team delivering competent and compassionate treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries ranging form non-urgent to emergent. If patients need a higher level of care that can only be provided by a hospital, access to hospital services is seamless.