Laboratory Services

Fast and Convenient Services Available at Wilson Health 

Wilson Health offers a full range of laboratory services for both inpatients and outpatients.
Our lab is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association’s Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program and holds a CLIA Certificate.
If you plan on coming in for lab work, please download one of the following documents and bring it with you when you arrive for your appointment.

Outpatient Hours

Monday - Friday: 6AM - 6PM

Saturday: 7AM - 12PM

Direct Access Testing Services

Wilson offers a variety of tests for your own health management. Stop by our lab during outpatient hours, choose a test and pay at the reception window. You do not need a doctor's order. We'll send you the results and you can consult your physician for further information.

Our Direct Access Testing program offers everyone the opportunity to obtain certain laboratory tests without a doctor's order, allowing you to be involved in your own healthcare and management.

Direct Access tests are available daily to the public on a cash basis. 

Below is the pricing list for all of our available direct access testing services. If you would like more information on pricing, please review our Patient Price Information page. 

*FASTING REQUIRED: For tests that require fasting, eat or drink nothing but water for 8-12 hours before your blood test. Do not stop taking your prescription medications. If your doctor advised you to take your medication with food, consult with your doctor before fasting.


Individual Tests

Charge Description Cost
Fasting Glucose $ 10.00
Hemoglobin A1C $ 20.00
Urine Pregnancy $ 15.00
Urinalysis with Reflex Microscopic $ 20.00
Stool Occult Blood $ 10.00
Hemoglobin $ 10.00
Iron $ 10.00
TIBC $ 10.00
Potassium $ 10.00
Calcium $ 10.00
Vitamin D $ 45.00
TSH $ 25.00
Free T4 $ 25.00
Prostate Screen (PSA) $ 30.00
Cholesterol Total $ 10.00
Testosterone Total $ 30.00
CRP (High Sensitivity) $ 25.00
Blood Type (ABORH)

$ 25.00



Charge Description Cost
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel $ 45.00
Basic Metabolic Panel $ 30.00
Kidney Panel $ 35.00
Liver Panel $ 35.00
Lipid Panel $ 20.00
Complete Blood Count w/ diff (CBC) $ 20.00
Anemia Screen (Hemoglobin / TIBC / Iron / % Iron Saturation) $ 30.00
Thyroid Screen (TSH / Free T4) $ 50.00
Men's Health Profile (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile / Lipid Panel / PSA Screen / High Sensitivity CRP) $ 100.00
Women's Health Profile (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile / Lipid Panel / High Sensitivity CRP) $100.00



Charge Description Cost
SARS-CoV-2 Antigen Testing $ 60.00
SARS-CoV-2 PCR Testing $ 90.00


If you would like to schedule a COVID-19 test, please refer to our COVID-19 Resources page.

Who do I contact for reporting a complaint?

You may contact the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Central Office, Division of Laboratory Services (CLIA), in Baltimore, Maryland at (410) 786-3531 locally or toll-free at 1-877-267-2323 ext 63531.

Why would I need to file a complaint?

A complaint is any concern that you may have about a laboratory's operation. Examples include the following:

  • Quality of testing
  • Unlabeled specimens
  • Unethical practices; e.g., record falsification, proficiency testing cheating
  • Confidentiality of patient information
  • Laboratory personnel qualification or responsibility issues
This is not a comprehensive list and only includes examples of some of the most common types of complaints.