Patient Experience

At Wilson Health, your concerns are important. We appreciate our patients and their family members taking the time to let us know about their experiences.

The Patient Advocate at Wilson Health serves as a liaison between the patient and the hospital. The advocate is here to help our patients and their family members identify solutions to any concerns and questions about their hospital experience. The advocate assists patients in understanding their rights and responsibilities in the healthcare setting. The advocate also serves as a listening ear to those who wish to offer suggestions for improvement to our services.


Contacting the Patient Advocate

We realize that it is sometimes difficult and intimidating to voice your concerns in the hospital setting. That is why we provide a neutral person to discuss your concerns with you. The Patient Advocate is part of the Quality Management Department and can be reached at (937) 498-5542 or (800) 589-9641. Patients can also access the Patient Advocate while hospitalized by dialing 5542 on the phone provided by the bedside or asking the nurse to dial the number. Please leave a message on voicemail if the advocate is unavailable. The advocate will document your concern and discuss it with those individuals involved in your care.