Worksite Clinics

Regardless of the type of worksite health services that works best for your company, Wilson Health’s goal is always the same – improve access to care for your employees, improve  their overall health and well-being and increase work efficiencies and productivity for your company.

Our Wilson Health team will work with you to evaluate your current health and wellness programs and design solutions to maximize your return on health spend and improve the overall health of your workforce.

We offer a variety of customizable options for you to choose from including:

Onsite Clinics

Developed directly onsite, these worksite locations offer health care services people would normally receive at clinics in the community, though are exclusively for employees, and often times, their dependents. Patients experience less of a wait. Less of a hassle. And more attention from providers. All with the convenience of not having to leave where they work.

Near-Site Clinics

Where worksite space won’t allow, we can offer a close by alternative with our near-site centers. This option offers convenience and can be an especially good option for companies who want to provide access for spouses and dependents but their worksite environments require a level of security or controlled access that may make that difficult.

Shared Clinics

For smaller businesses or those wanting to partner with like-minded companies when it comes to employee health care, we offer shared health clinics.  Shared health centers are conveniently located for all the businesses involved, and are shared in terms of services, providers, equipment and costs.

Virtual/Tele-Health Services

Designed for smaller employee populations or employers with a distributed workforce, we leverage technology while maintaining the personal touch that is at the heart of our care model. Our Virtual Health services are at the worksite, yet provider care is administered via phone and/or video. 

Additional Onsite Health Services

We offer a diverse array of additional services that can be integrated with our primary care offering to address specific employer needs or to achieve greater health and cost impact.

  • Occupational Health
  • Physical Therapy
  • Lab/Testing
  • Pharmacy
  • Radiology
  • Chronic Condition Management
  • Mental Health
  • Referral Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Vision

Employee Wellness

Add our additional wellness offerings to emphasize health risk identification, lifestyle management and behavior change.

  • Biometric Screening
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

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