Wilson Onsite Wellness

Wellness programs for employees are critical in today's world of business. We all know that healthier employees are more productive and take fewer days off so that business operations flow more smoothly. Our Wilson Onsite Wellness (WOW) program enhances your employees' health, boosts their morale and well-being and your bottom line with proven return on investment (ROI).

Let Wilson design a WOW program, customized for your workforce, to speed them to a healthier lifestyle, from start to finish. Our program will qualify you as a promoter of good health habits. Rely on Wilson Health for the medical knowledge, resources and expertise that can conveniently bring Onsite Wellness Services to your facility. It's time to join the race for health!


...On Your Mark - Develop a Plan
Occupational health professionals will help you design a program specifically for your company's needs. We help you, step-by-step, through our 12-step plan for success. We meet with you, help you develop a wellness team and define objectives to create a plan for your company's wellness program.

...Get Set - Obtain Data
Health and lifestyle information is obtained from employees through a personal wellness profile or health risk assessment (HRA), creating a personal, confidential wellness profile for each employee. We incorporate biometric testing, such as a blood draws, body mass index and blood pressure, as well as offer health education at a professionally-planned health fair or screening program at your workplace.

...Go - Take Action
Your company will receive aggregate reports from the data collected, identifying the top 11 risk factors for your workforce. All information is delivered in a cumulative report, ensuring that individual health information is kept private. This information is used to create a schedule of monthly health education topics and additional health programs that fit the company's needs.

...WIN - Monitor for Long-Term Success
To maintain a strong wellness mind-set throughout your workplace, follow-up and monitoring are essential. A quarterly or semi-annual review will help keep employees engaged. Follow-up testing is conducted for comparison and a report is published. The wellness plan is updated with the wellness team and tailored further to meet the health needs of the associates. Companies can also opt for our new one-on-one health coaching, so that associates can review their results with a medical professional, helping them stay on track and encouraging them to strive for better overall health.


Your Resource:
Wilson occupational health professionals can serve as your resource to help you connect with all the additional resources you need for continued success. We can steer you to additional organizations with wellness offerings and educational programs, offer ideas for incentive programs you can develop or provide ways for you to connect with your insurance company's resources to further develop your program.

Your ROI:
Offering a wellness program to your associates helps reduce compensation-related costs, reduces medical claim expenses through early detection, treatment and appropriate medical referral, reduces absenteeism, aids in recruitment, raises morale and shows your associates you care about their well-being. A well-designed and implemented wellness program enhances your company's image as a health and safety conscious employer.

Your Investment:
Regardless of your company's size or budget, we can create a customized program to meet your specific needs. For more information on wellness services, call our Business Health Specialist at (937) 498-5511 or email khaynes@wilsonhealth.org