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Wilson Health Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer

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October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and Wilson Health is encouraging women to get their screening mammograms.

The breast cancer mortality rate in Shelby County is 27 percent higher than the national rate. The screening mammography rate in Shelby County is 58.1 percent compared to a national rate of 72.4 percent. Ohio ranks seventh in highest number of breast cancer diagnosis.

“I often hear women say the reason they didn’t get a mammogram is due to fear of finding a suspicious spot or lump,” says Dr. Valerie Schulte, ob/gyn, Wilson Health. “The key to survival is early detection when it comes to breast cancer. Once a lump is felt or detected in the breast, the cancer could be in an advanced stage. When a small, malignant lump is found through mammography, we can treat the cancer early. A mammogram is the single most important detection tool available for catching breast cancer in its early stages, when it’s easiest to treat.”

According to the American Cancer Society, the breast cancer screening guidelines are:

  • Age 40 – Talk with your doctor about when to begin screening. Women should have the opportunity to begin mammography screening if they choose.
  • Age 45 – Begin yearly mammograms by age 45.
  • Age 55 – Transition to mammograms every other year at age 55 or continue with annual mammography, depending on your preference.
  • Age 55+ - Continue to have regular mammograms for as long as you’re in good health.

Throughout the month of October, women who have their screening mammogram at Wilson Health – Francis Women’s Center will receive a free gift at time of service. To schedule your mammogram, call (937) 498-5533.

Breast Cancer Awareness Event Planned

On October 18, Wilson Health will be educating the public and encouraging women to get their screening mammograms with a drive-thru "Brake for Breakfast" event.

"As women, we tend to put our own needs on hold to the demands of family and careers. This is a chance to take a break and put ourselves – and our health and well-being – first," said Dr. Schulte. "This event invites women to take a convenient break, enjoy a quick and healthy breakfast and reminds women of the importance of scheduling their annual mammogram screening." 

Brake for Breakfast is a free event that will take place at Wilson Health's PrimeCare physician office located at 1205 Fairington Dr. (off of Fair Rd.) in Sidney from 6 -9 a.m. while supplies last.

Women will receive a free breakfast bag to-go and important breast health information without ever having to leave their vehicles. 

For more information on cancer care at Wilson Health, visit Wilson Health Cancer Center. To learn more about our Women's Health services, visit Women's Health at Wilson Health.