Wilson Health Announces Partnership with Valley Regional Surgery Center

The Board of Trustees on November 28 approved a plan for Wilson Health to expand outpatient care and increase surgical capacity through a joint venture with Valley Regional Surgery Center.

The joint venture is with Ohio Surgical Associates, LTD and physicians Dr. Robert McDevitt, Dr. Andrew David McDonald, Dr. Virgilio Ponferrada, and Dr. John Wilding, the current owners of Valley Regional Surgery Center in Piqua.

The 9,100 sq. ft. Valley Regional Surgery Center opened in 1996 and is located in Piqua, Ohio at 283 S. Looney Road.

“This partnership is a win for Wilson Health and for the community,” said Wilson Health interim CEO Duane Francis. “Most importantly, it will create additional surgical capacity throughout the Wilson Health system, enabling us to better meet the needs of our patients now and in the future.”

The joint venture will provide Wilson Health and other surgeons the opportunity to begin practicing at Valley Regional Surgery Center alongside the current providers once the transaction is finalized.

“We must enhance our outpatient care offerings to provide more accessible, cost-effective care to those who need it most,” said Francis. “We are excited about this opportunity to provide better access to vitally important services in the communities we serve.”