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Vickie's Story

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“My name is Vickie and this is my Survivor Story. In 1995, I was 38 years old living in Spokane, Washington. A new mom with my family back in Ohio, I was living a busy life. I went in for my annual mammogram and received a follow up phone call a few days later stating I needed to have a biopsy since my mammogram came back abnormal. Instead of having the biopsy, I opted to have the suspicious lumps removed (lumpectomy). I believe this is what saved me. The cancer would not have been as easily detected with the biopsy procedure. The lumps were not cancerous but the surrounding breast tissue was. At age 38, I was diagnosed with Lobular Carcinoma. I was advised by my doctor to consider a double mastectomy. Living across the country with a young daughter and family back in Ohio, I was scared. I went and received two other opinions and both had the same recommendation. Long story short, I underwent a double mastectomy with no radiation, no chemotherapy and here I am 22 years later still cancer free. This is the part in my story that I want share. You see, when I have friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances that I see over the years, I can share my story of HOPE. Any form of cancer tends to have a negative connotation attached with it. By sharing my Survivor Story I hope it gives others the strength and courage to fight. There is hope! I made a promise to myself 22 years ago that I will continue to help those I meet on my journey. My story isn’t that great, but it’s my story and one I am reminded of every day.”

Vickie is a Security Guard at Wilson Health. Throughout the month of October, Wilson Health will spotlight our very own Breast Cancer Survivors.