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Physician Goes the Extra Mile to Care for Patients

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On Tuesday morning, family medicine physician, Dr. Michael Beyer, walked close to two miles through nine inches of snow to his medical practice located at the Sidney City Schools Board of Education Building located on Fourth Avenue in Sidney, Ohio.

Dr. Beyer, a Wilson Health Medical Group family physician, attempted to drive to his office, but due to the snow accumulation was unable to get his vehicle out of his driveway.

“I knew that I had patients counting on me so I just decided to walk to office,” Beyer said. “It took me about 30 minutes in the snow and it actually was a nice morning to be outside.”

As a family physician, Dr. Beyer advises his patients on ways to live a healthier life. “He really is dedicated to his patients,” says Sherry Edwards, director of primary care for Wilson Health Medical Group. “It would have been easy for Dr. Beyer to reschedule his patients for the day due to the weather, but instead he literally went the extra mile to make sure his patients were taken care of and cared for.”

Beyer’s response: “I’m just doing my job.”