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It’s Never Too Late to Thank a Veteran, Even at the End of Life

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Americans across the country celebrate Veterans Day on November 11, a special day to salute the men and women who have bravely served our country in the military.

These fellow Americans have made profound sacrifices in defense of our freedom and they deserve a heartfelt thanks and shown appreciation. Honoring our nation’s Veterans includes supporting them throughout their entire lives, especially at the end. 

As our nation marks Veterans Day, Wilson Health Hospice deepens their commitment to increase Veterans’ access to the compassionate, high quality care available from hospice and palliative care providers. One of the ways they are making this happen is through active involvement with We Honor Veterans, an innovative program associated with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization that Wilson Health developed in collaboration with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Earlier this year Wilson Health Hospice had a pinning ceremony for patient, Franklin Noe, who served in the Korean War. The entire family was present plus five hospice staff members and Ron Leininger, a veteran who conducted the pinning ceremony, along with Wilson Health Hospice volunteer, Bill Tady.

After the playing of the National Anthem, Noe was asked if there was anything else the care team could do for him. In his weakened condition he was able to speak out and replied with, “my caduceus.” The family explained Noe was a medic in the Air Force and had lost his caduceus pin and he wanted to know if he could have another one.

“I believe we can do that,” said fellow veteran Ron Leininger.

Hospice volunteer Bill Tady quickly spoke up and said, “I can do it quicker. I was a medic in the Navy.” Tady then proceeded to take his caduceus pin off his very own hat and pinned it on the patient. “This is the one I was given in the Navy over 50 years ago, I hope it is okay.” The patient glowing, said “it will be just fine.” 

Wilson Health Hospice recognizes and thanks all Veterans. Not just on November 11, but all year long. For more information on Wilson Health Hospice and its services, call (937) 498-9335.