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Everyday Hero Awarded to Ryan Castle

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March 22, 2022

Wilson Health would like to recognize Ryan Castle, ATC, Athletic Trainer, as the recipient of this quarter's Everyday Hero Award. Ryan serves as the Athletic Trainer for Fort Loramie Schools. You can read his nomination below:

"There is no question that Ryan Castle's commitment to Fort Loramie athletics has played an integral role in the many successes our sports programs have achieved. He is professional and knowledgeable, dedicated and caring. His passion for his job is demonstrated regularly. While we have known for many years the significant role Ryan plays for our student-athletes, our recent experience exemplifies just how blessed we are to have him on our team."

"My son injured his finger in a JV football game on October 9th. Somehow he had no pain whatsoever and finished the game without incident. Upon Ryan's recommendation, on Monday morning when my son still had no movement in the distal joint of his ring finger, I called the Sidney OASWO office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Bamberger had a full schedule and was in Dayton that day, but his staff graciously agreed to allow us to visit the Sidney office for an x-ray and a brief FaceTime consultation. We left the office with an appointment for hand therapy and an in-person appointment with Dr. Bamberger. I communicated the update to Ryan and asked if he would assess my son after football practice that day. Of course, he agreed. Ryan's evaluation confirmed my fear of a ruptured flexor tendon (jersey finger). Knowing the urgency of having this injury repaired quickly, Ryan suggested he would reach out to Dr. Bamberger immediately that evening to express his concerns. After discussing with Dr. Bamberger, Ryan called me later Monday evening to tell me what to expect and next steps. Dr. Bamberger then called and we planned to meet the next morning at the hospital. Tuesday morning, Dr. Bamberger evaluated my son's finger in the surgery waiting room, confirmed the diagnosis and then immediately took my son into surgery, which went perfectly. My son is currently in physical therapy, recovering nicely and Ryan remains engaged in the treatment and recovery process. With this injury there is a very short window for repair with a good prognosis. Ryan recognized the severity and the urgency of the injury and acted quickly, professionally and courageously. I fully recognize the action he took was not easy, but he did it anyway because of his dedication to the Fort Loramie student-athletes. I am forever grateful to ryan as I'm certain he positively affected my son's outcome."

Congratulations Ryan for being an Everyday Hero at Wilson Health! Everyday Hero honorees personify Wilson Health's remarkable patient experience. If you would like to nominate someone for the Everyday Hero award, visit our website at Patients & Visitors | Wilson Health.