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Auxiliary Donations Improve Patient Experience

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Since the Wilson Health Auxiliary’s inception in 1974, the organization has donated over $797,000 to Wilson Health. Each year, more than 80 volunteers give their time and talent to the hospital and average more than 13,000 hours of service. The Auxiliary raises funds through hospital gift shop sales, fundraisers and dues paid by members. These funds are donated to the Wilson Health Foundation. Hospital departments are asked to submit a wish list of equipment needs that would enhance the patient experience. This year, sixteen requests were submitted and the Auxiliary Board was tasked with selecting items to be funded. 

The following items were selected for funding, totaling more than $19,000. The Family Birth Center received a mobile mini-telemetry fetal monitor, allowing patients in labor to be able to get up and walk around the birth center while still monitoring the baby.

Cardiac Diagnostics obtained a tilt table which allows medical professionals to try and determine what causes people to faint by monitoring blood pressure and heart rate responses to gravity. 

The Wilson Health Medical Group received three new A1C machines. These machines help monitor diabetic patients and measure the glucose (blood sugar) in a person’s blood by assessing the amount of glycated hemoglobin. 

The Laboratory and Respiratory Services departments also acquired new equipment. Lynn James, Administrative Director, Laboratory and Respiratory Services, said, “We are thankful to the Wilson Health Auxiliary for selecting our departments as recipients of this year’s funding.”

A new freezer and reclining phlebotomy chair were purchased for the Laboratory department. New auto BiPAP and Auto CPAP units were funded and purchased for the Respiratory Department.  “Our current drawing chair has been in use for over 13 years so we were in need of a replacement,” James said. “Outpatient services is a high-volume area where patients come to get their blood drawn on a regular basis. The additional freezer will allow us to store test kits for blood culture preliminary identifications using rapid molecular testing in our lab.”

The Respiratory department received auto BiPAP and Auto CPAP units. “These additional units will be used for our patients presenting to the hospital who did not bring their home units. These new purchases will make a positive difference for our patients every day,” James added.

Last week, department representatives and the Wilson Health Administration held a luncheon in the Auxiliary Board’s honor to thank them for their continued support and inform them of how these new purchases will have a direct impact on the patients served at Wilson Health and in our community.

For more information on the Wilson Health Auxiliary or how to become a volunteer, visit wilsonhealth.org or call the Volunteer Coordinator at 937-498-5390.