Wilson Sleep Center

Many of us think sleepless nights are a normal part of life. We accept napping as a necessary way to get us through the day. We assume that when we awake feeling achy or sluggish, even though we got a full night’s sleep, that it must be part of aging. While our sleeping habits change over time, it is not necessary to suffer, especially when our sleep patterns become a problem.

Since 1998, Wilson Health’s Sleep Center has helped individuals who may be suffering from sleep disorders by examining their sleep cycles to give doctors more information on how to help those patients. In order to meet the growing needs of those needing to undergo sleep studies, Wilson moved and expanded the Sleep Center in 2005. Now offering four large master suites with private baths and showers, all beautifully decorated to feel just like home, the Wilson Sleep Center is designed to ensure maximum comfort and privacy in order to get the most accurate and in-depth sleep study possible.

The Wilson Sleep Center staff are experienced, board registered sleep technologists and respiratory therapists who have performed sleep studies for several years. All are clinically competent in adult and pediatric sleep medicine, and Wilson has the same physicians and technologists on staff daily to provide consistent care to our clients.

Wilson Sleep Center Accredited by American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM)

The Wilson Sleep Center is accredited through the AASM. This certification ensures that the sleep center meets all required standards set forth by the AASM including a board-certified sleep specialist on staff at the hospital.

Other benefits to using the Wilson Sleep Center include:

  • Short wait times in study scheduling
  • Less than 48 hour interpretation turn-around-times
  • Significant patient education with ongoing monitoring and follow-up care
  • Simple referral process to the Sleep Center by which sleep specialty physicians can be used at the discretion of the referring physician
  • Accredited by the Healthcare Facility Accreditation Program (HFAP).

The Wilson Sleep Center is located on the Wilson campus in Medical Building B on Michigan Street for easy customer access.

Sleep studies may be scheduled through a physician referral. For a sleep study, first discuss the matter with your physician, who can arrange for your sleep study at the Wilson Sleep Center.

For general questions about sleep studies or the Wilson Sleep Center, call (937) 498-5447.

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