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  • Four large master suites available
  • Each suite is beautifully decorated with a different color scheme to resemble a lovely, comfortable, modern hotel room
  • One of the suites can accommodate mom or dad if a sleep study is ordered for a child, promoting his/her well-being

Professional Care

  • Sleep study interpretation is performed by a physician who is board certified and highly trained in sleep disorders
  • Certified sleep technicians provide help and education
  • Individualized and focused care by our friendly staff to help you feel comfortable and well cared for


  • Each master suite has its own restroom with large shower


  • Located on the hospital campus in separate medical building with parking up close

At the Wilson Sleep Lab, we cater to your needs. We help duplicate homelike sleeping conditions by which you normally fall asleep. We offer TV or movies, snacks and beverages, or you can bring your favorite book. After your sleep session, you have your own private bath and can shower and change, go to work or home. Wilson's Sleep Lab can help you sleep like a baby again.