Interventional Radiology Lab (IRL)

The Interventional Radiology Lab at Wilson Health specializes in minimally invasive procedures that help create better blood flow in patients with arterial blockage. Digital Subtractor Angiography, the “Gold Standard” for vascular imaging, is used to identify areas of decreased arterial blood flow. Procedures used to open these areas include Balloon Angioplasty, mechanical removal of the plaque utilizing small catheters with special tips and vascular stenting, in which a small wire mesh tube is permanently placed in the artery or vein to help it remain open and increase blood flow. The most common medical condition treated at Wilson’s Interventional Radiology Lab is Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), or narrowing of the arteries in the legs or arms. Cardiac irregularities are also treated at Wilson’s IRL. Pacemakers or Internal Cardiac Defibrillators are surgically implanted into patients using minimally invasive techniques. Typically, patients are able to return home and back to normal activities within hours.

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