Digital Mammography

A mammogram is a safe, low dose radiation X-ray of the inside of your breasts, which can show changes too small to be felt. Mammography involves views of each breast. One picture is taken from the side and one from the top. The breast must be pressed between two plates for the pictures to be clear and help reduce the amount of X-rays.

Each digital mammogram is read by a radiologist as well as reviewed by the R2 computer-aided detection system, which acts as a second set of eyes for the doctors. This improves the detection of disease that will allow quicker treatment. The radiologist will send a report from the mammogram to your physician, who will review the test results with you.

The American Cancer Society recommends that women have a screening mammogram before the age of 40.

To prepare for your mammogram at Wilson's Francis Women’s Center:

  • Remember not to wear any deodorant or baby powders around the breast area.
  • On the day of your exam, required medication may be taken as necessary.

Benefits of digital mammography:

  • Enhanced image quality - Digital images are clearer and more detailed, allowing physicians to evaluate micro calcifications and focus on areas of potential concern.
  • Reduction in radiation - Women will experience a 30 percent reduction in the amount of radiation exposure with the new digital mammography system.  
  • Quicker exam times – Technologists can view the images captured right in the exam room reducing the time it takes to complete each exam.
  • Reduction in number of images – Due to improved image quality and the ability to manipulate the image, there is a reduction in the number of images that may need to be taken. 
  • Enhanced comfort – Ergonomic, spring-loaded paddles are a feature of the new system, which may lead to a decrease in patient discomfort during the procedure.
  • Improved technology – Advances in digital technology allow for better detection of breast cancer as well as storage of patient images.

Self-referred Mammograms

Wilson participates in self-referred screening mammography. To see if you are eligible for a self-referred mammogram, download and complete this short questionnaire:

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions, you will need to contact your physician for more information on mammogram testing options.

If you answered “no” to all the questions and would like to make an appointment for a screening mammogram, call Wilson’s Central Scheduling at (937) 497-5656.

For more information about self-referred mammograms or Wilson’s Francis Women’s Center, please call (937) 498-5533.