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Wilson Foundation Establishes Angel Fund

The Wilson Memorial Hospital Foundation has established a new fund which enables the Hospital to assist Wilson Hospice patients and their caregivers with an immediate need, and is specifically intended to improve the quality of life for patients who are living with life-limiting illness. 

Sometimes, due to economic constraints, Wilson Hospice patients and caregivers find themselves in situations that require additional support to maintain a reasonable level of dignity, self-respect, and basic life needs beyond medical care. 

The newly established Angel Fund will assist Wilson Hospice in making additional support available for their patients.  Wilson Hospice patients are eligible to receive assistance from the Angel Fund, however; there are specific qualifying requirements. The staff of Wilson Hospice will facilitate the application process to request funds. 

“Hospice patients and their caregivers have urgent needs that must be addressed as quickly as possible to provide the high quality, compassionate care that has become the hallmark of the Wilson Hospice Program,” said Bonnie Faulkner, Executive Director of the Wilson Foundation. “We believe the establishment of the Angel Fund will assist Wilson Hospice in providing the best possible care for our patients and caregivers.”

Through the Angel Fund, money can be disbursed quickly for a Hospice patient’s urgent needs and may include items and services that will provide a more comfortable environment such as, home safety features, transportation, groceries, hearing aids, eyeglasses, warm clothes and blankets and much more. 

“The need for supportive hospice services and compassionate hospice care to improve the quality of life for patients facing a life-limiting illness or injury is enormous,” said Faulkner.  “Wilson Memorial recognizes that hospice patients and their families at a low-income or even poverty household level may not be able to afford medical insurance and may not qualify for Medicare or Medicaid. As Wilson Hospice has seen an upward trend in indigent care, the need for basic means of survival also is on the rise.”  Faulkner continued, “The Angel Fund has received strong support and, in particular, very generous gifts from The John and Jeanette Sargeant Family Foundation and the Turkeyfoot Benefit Crew.”

As an integral part of its mission, Wilson Memorial Hospital, through the Wilson Hospice program, accepts and treats all patients in need of hospice care without regard to the hospice patient’s ability to pay. Hospice patients may apply for financial assistance via an application form that is made available to them upon acceptance into the Wilson program. 

For more information about making a donation to the Angel Fund or information on Wilson’s Hospice program, call the Wilson Foundation at (937) 498-5575 or visit our website.