Hospice Care

Hospice is a program designed to bring quality of life and compassionate care to people facing a life-limiting illness or injury. Hospice care involves a team approach including physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains, therapists and trained volunteers to provide expert medical care, pain management, symptom control and emotional and spiritual support. Hospice care is expressly personalized and tailored to each patient’s needs and wishes.

When should hospice care be considered?

Hospice benefits a patient when a cure no longer seems possible and comfort and quality of life become more important than quantity of time. Ask your doctor for a hospice consultation. After considering all the options that may be available to you or your loved one, you will be able to make an informed decision. Services are available to patients of any age, sex, religion, race, or illness.


How does hospice improve quality of life?

The first priority is to relieve the patient’s physical pain and symptoms. The Wilson Health Hospice Care team believes that everyone has the right to live pain-free and to be cared for with dignity.

The hospice team also helps to diminish the feeling of isolation often experienced by a patient and their family. The emotional and spiritual support provided by the hospice social worker and chaplain also allows patients and families to deal with unresolved issues and feel more at peace.

Hospice lessens the financial burden of illness by covering the cost of care provided and by eliminating any additional cost of medications, equipment, and supplies related to the life-limiting illness or injury.


If I choose to enroll in a hospice program, can I choose to discontinue the services at any time?

Yes, you have the option to stop the hospice benefit at any time and for any reason. The most common reasons would be: your condition has improved or gone into remission, or there is a new curative treatment or procedure that you would like to try.

If in the future the situation changes, you would be able to re-enroll in hospice without penalty.


Where are hospice services provided?

Hospice care can be provided wherever a patient calls home: a private residence, a nursing home, assisted living, independent living, or a retirement center. Wilson Health Hospice Care provides care in Shelby, Miami, Logan, Champaign, Auglaize, and Darke counties.


Who pays for hospice?

Hospice services are covered under Medicare and Medicaid benefits and many commercial insurance plans. At Wilson Health Hospice Care, no one is ever denied care for inability to pay.


Why should I choose Wilson Health Hospice Care?

Wilson Health Hospice Care is a not-for-profit organization. Thanks to generous donations, we are able to cover the cost of all patient medications, provide care for those with no means to pay and provide additional services such as music therapy and massage therapy. And unlike many other hospice programs, Wilson Health Hospice Care does not require a DNR (do not resuscitate) form from patients.


If I am a Wilson Health Home Care patient and choose hospice benefits later, will the transition be smooth?

Wilson Health Home Care patients can choose Wilson Health Hospice Care when the need arises. For patients who are not quite ready for hospice, home health care may be the right choice. However, if a patient receiving Wilson Health Home Care elects hospice services, they will be able to maintain the same caregivers.

This is often a comfort to our patients who transition to hospice care.

Our Hospice Facility is located at:

Wilson Health Hospice Care
1081 Fairington Drive
Sidney, OH 45365-249

For additional information call (937) 498-9335 or (800) 589-9641 ext. 253