Diabetes Education 

The main goal of Wilson Health's Diabetes Education Program is to allow patients with diabetes to gain greater power over their own health and well-being through education.

Knowledge is very important to diabetes management, and many times, success is directly affected by the amount of support a person with diabetes receives. It's also important that those close to people with diabetes have the facts they need to help and encourage their loved ones.

Wilson’s diabetes education program started in 1982 and has helped people living with diabetes take control of their health. Wilson Health's certified diabetes educators work one-on-one with patients and families. An individual evaluation is often ordered by a physician for special diabetes concerns. These might include management of Type 1 diabetes, insulin management, insulin pump therapy, medication changes, condition changes, difficulty in reaching diabetes goals or for someone with special needs.

Diabetes Education Classes

To schedule education classes, call Diabetes Education Services at (937)-494-5208

All classes are customized and individualized for every patients' needs.  


The Wilson Health Diabetes Education Program received an Education Recognition Certificate from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) for outstanding diabetes self-management education. Wilson is one of the few hospitals in western Ohio to receive this designation.


For more information about the Diabetes Wellness Center at Wilson, call (937) 494-5208.