Childbirth Preparation Class

The birth of a new baby is a wondrous event in the lives of parents. It's also a time when parents-to-be are full of questions. The Childbirth Class will help answer questions about the birthing process and lets parents know what options are available to make the birth of their child the best it can be.
Reminder: It is recommended that you take the
Childbirth Class first, before taking the Breastfeeding
or Newborn Care classes, as each class builds upon
the other. 

Topics will include: 
• What to expect when in labor
• Fears and how to overcome them
• Birth plan
• Comfort measures/pain control
• When to call your doctor

We asked parents, who have taken our Childbirth Classes, what they found most helpful about the class:
• "The positions and information about when to come to the hospital."
• "Touring the Birth Center and going through the stages of labor."
• "Pain management and timing."
• "Detailed labor process. Expectations of pain management."
• "Learning the difference between natural childbirth and other childbirthing options."

The goal of Childbirth Preparation Class is to alleviate your fears, which helps ease tension and reduce pain. This class will allow you to have more confidence in yourself so you can experience the labor you desire. 

If you would like more information about any of our childbirth classes, please call (937) 497-BABY (2229). Pre-registration is required for all classes.