Wilson Health Home Care

Wilson Health Home Care is a program designed to provide comprehensive healthcare to patients in their own home on a temporary basis. The care is provided under the direction of a physician, and the goal is to help patients regain their independence after an illness, injury or hospitalization. The goal for patients with chronic illnesses may be to keep them at home safely and as pain-free as possible.

What services are provided by Wilson Health Home Care?

Skilled Nursing Care performed by a registered nurse, as ordered by the patient’s physician. Medication management, dressing changes, wound care, patient education, infusion services and pain and symptom management are just a few of the services that may be performed by the nurse.

Social Workers evaluate the psychological and social needs of patients and coordinate community resources to help meet those needs when necessary. These may include legal, financial or social needs.

Home Health Aides provide personal care and assist with the activities of daily living.

Physical Therapists help patients regain their strength and physical abilities.

Occupational Therapists help patients with assistive equipment and new techniques for performing their activities of daily living, allowing patients to regain their independence.

Speech Therapists help patients with swallowing, speech and other impairments resulting from illness or injury.

Who pays for home care?

Wilson Health Home Care services are covered under Medicare and Medicaid benefits and most commercial insurance plans. Insurance companies vary in their requirements for coverage. Many insurance policies require prior authorization. At Wilson Health Home Care, we will be happy to verify your coverage and file your insurance claims.


Why should I choose Wilson Health Home Care?

Our home care team is skilled, caring and compassionate. Wilson Health Home Care is one of the most experienced home care teams anywhere. We have been meeting the needs of our community since 1984 and are accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Services are available to patients of any age, sex, religion, race, or illness.

Wilson Health Home Care is also an excellent choice for patients with life-threatening illnesses who are not ready to involve hospice. Our staff has extensive training and expertise in pain control and symptom management. For those who may elect hospice benefits in the future, they will be able to maintain the same caregivers and also receive the additional services of Wilson Hospice Care. This ease of transition is very comforting to patients who choose the hospice benefit.


Are home care services available after I have surgery?

If you or someone you know is planning to have surgery in the near future, Wilson Health Home Care can be invaluable! It may be a relief to know that help will be available to assist in your recovery once you return home. Call Wilson Health Home Care and we can arrange an in-home consultation at no charge. All arrangements can be made before surgery. When you return home, the necessary health care professionals will be available to assist in your recovery.

Wilson Health Home Care is available in the following counties:

Shelby County

Champaign County

Miami County

Logan County

Auglaize County

Darke County


What Our Patients Say About Wilson Health Home Care

"The service was the best we ever received anywhere. The nurse was the friendliest and most patient anywhere, and we thank you for your great service."
"Your nurses were very professional and a great help in my recovery."
"Your nurse was great. The therapist was personable and helpful. I was impressed with your home health care. I will recommend Wilson Health Home Care to others."

Wilson Health Home Care Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Wilson Health Home Care
1081 Fairington Drive
Sidney, OH 45365-2491

(937) 498-9335

After 5 p.m. and on weekends, the ON CALL NURSE can be reached by calling (937) 498-2311 or 1-800-589-9641 and requesting the home care nurse.