Wilson Health Upgrades Pulmonary System with $2,000 Grant

Wilson Health’s Occupational Health Services assists companies by providing flexible workplace health programs designed to meet the unique needs of area businesses. Working directly with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC), Wilson Health works with over 400 companies throughout the region offering services for companies to create a healthy work environment. 

Wilson Health participates in numerous health fairs for both employers and the community. One examination that is performed during these health fairs is a screening of a person’s lung or pulmonary function, which determines possible restriction or obstruction problems with the lungs. The system used to do the screening is a spirometry system. This system can also be used for employer respiratory clearance programs, which are OSHA mandated if the employer requires respirator use in their facility due to chemicals or fumes.

Wilson Health updated to a new system with the financial support of The Community Foundation of Shelby County and The Community Impact Fund. The new spirometry system connects to a laptop, making it simple to complete the test and review with the patient. It also allows the occupational health department to more than double the amount of exams performed annually to accommodate more employers and the community.

The total cost of the new spirometry system was $4,005. The Wilson Health Foundation received The Community Impact Fund Grant of $2,000 from The Community Foundation of Shelby County to help with the purchase.

For information about making a donation to Wilson Health, call the Wilson Health Foundation at (937) 498-5540 or visit the Foundation’s website at www.foundation.wilsonhealth.org.