Wilson Health Sports Medicine Symposium

Course Description

The Wilson Health Sports Medicine Symposium will provide an opportunity for healthcare professionals to explore nontraditional approaches to injury treatment and job settings.  Presentations will include: nutrition, platelet rich plasma therapy, post-concussion rehabilitation, cupping, establishing athletic training service in the public safety setting, and use of blood flow restriction therapy. 

At the conclusion of the presentation, the participant should be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of total energy expenditure and body composition on injury prevention and performance.
  2. Analyze the benefits of blood plasma therapy for sports injuries.
  3. Identify clinical indicators for appropriate referral to physical therapy for post-concussion management.
  4. Explain how cupping is used to treat orthopedic issues, sports injuries, adhesions, contractures, hypertonicity.
  5. List 5 strategies for placing an athletic trainer in a city municipality for police and fire department athletic training services.
  6. Describe the benefits of blood flow restriction therapy during the acute phase of healing following a sports injury.

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