Janet's Story

Janet Pohlschneider is a nurse for Wilson Health. She is also an avid dog lover. When a Hospice patient was nearing end of life, the family knew they were unable to care for his two dogs – Rosco and Sonny.

Since Janet’s husband, Daryl, was not a dog lover and they already had a dog of their own, Janet decided to temporarily take in both dogs until she could find them permanent homes. Since the dogs had been together for five years, Janet didn’t want to separate them. But after about a month of having three dogs in the house, she changed her mind. Rosco was taken in by Wilson Health Hospice Volunteer Coordinator, Terri Esser. And Sonny stayed with Janet and Daryl.

Funny thing is, Sonny and Daryl have become best buddies. The two are inseparable. Sonny has his own chair next to Daryl’s in the “Man Cave” and even rides with Daryl on the lawn mower and motorcycle. Since joining the family, Sonny has definitely found a soft spot in Janet’s and her husband’s hearts. And that’s what Caring Without Limits is all about.

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