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Hospital Visitor Restrictions Starts December 29 Due to Flu

Wilson Health officials announced it will join area hospitals to implement visitation restrictions beginning December 29, 2017 in an effort to minimize the spread of respiratory infections to hospital patients, employees and the community.

Allie's Journey into Medicine

Alexandra (Allie) Wenig (Hohlbein) of Anna, Ohio, is the 2017 recipient of the 9th Annual Physician Memorial Scholarship. Established following the death of Bruce C. Urbanc, D.O., in 2008, the scholarship is a joint effort of the Wilson Health medical staff and the hospital. The scholarship is awarded to a student who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a fully accredited school of medicine or osteopathic medicine in the continental United States.

Wilson Health Earns Fourth Consecutive ‘A’ Grade for Patient Safety

The Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit organization committed to driving quality, safety, and transparency in the U.S. health care system, today released new Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grades, which assign A, B, C, D and F letter grades to hospitals nationwide.  Wilson Health was one of 832 hospitals to receive an “A” for its commitment to reducing errors, infections, and accidents that can harm patients.

Carol's Story

“My name is Carol and this is my Survivor Story.

In October 2003, I went in for a routine mammogram. A few hours later my family physician called and asked me to come to her office. I received the news that I had a highly suspicious mass in my left breast and I would need a biopsy.

Nona's Story

“My name is Nona and this is my Survivor Story.

My breast cancer story started with a car accident. A distracted driver ran a stop sign which caused the accident. After being transported to the hospital, I was released home with a lot of bumps and bruising. I had some seat belt trauma and pain that I thought would just take time to heal…so I thought.

Letty's Story

“My name is Letty and this is my Survivor Story. One day, I noticed a very small knot in my breast. I went to the doctor and was told I had a fiber cyst. Due to my age, they didn’t perform routine mammograms on young women. About 6 months later, I felt and heard a pop in my breast and my breast became noticeably hard. I went back to the doctor and had a biopsy and mammogram performed.

Christa's Story

“My name is Christa and this is my Survivor Story.

Dolores' Story

"My name is Dolores and this is my Survivor Story. I get a mammogram every year. That’s one of the great things about working at Wilson-they provide it as part of our annual bloodwork and wellness program. I have “dense breast tissue," which means interpreting my mammograms can be more difficult. About 10 years ago, they detected a suspicious spot. I had a biopsy done, and it was benign.

Vickie's Story

“My name is Vickie and this is my Survivor Story. In 1995, I was 38 years old living in Spokane, Washington. A new mom with my family back in Ohio, I was living a busy life. I went in for my annual mammogram and received a follow up phone call a few days later stating I needed to have a biopsy since my mammogram came back abnormal. Instead of having the biopsy, I opted to have the suspicious lumps removed (lumpectomy). I believe this is what saved me.

Wilson Health Upgrades Pulmonary System with $2,000 Grant

Wilson Health’s Occupational Health Services assists companies by providing flexible workplace health programs designed to meet the unique needs of area businesses.