Patrick Ho Awarded Physician Scholarship

Wilson Memorial Hospital recently announced the recipient of the 4th Annual Physician Memorial Scholarship. This year’s scholarship winner is Patrick Ho of Sidney.
Established following the death of Bruce C. Urbanc, D.O., in 2008, the scholarship is a joint effort of the Wilson Memorial Hospital medical staff and the hospital. The scholarship is awarded to a student who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment in a fully accredited school of medicine or osteopathic medicine in the continental United States. The student must be a Shelby County high school graduate.
“We will award $2,000 to Patrick to assist on his journey through medical school,” said Dr. Robert McDevitt, chief of staff at Wilson Memorial. Members of Wilson’s Medical Staff Executive Committee were charged with making the final selection. Members of the committee include, Dr. McDevitt, Dr. Paul Thorpe, Dr. Kenneth Bosslet, Dr. Frederick Simpson, Dr. Michael Trygstad and Tom Boecker, president/CEO of Wilson Memorial Hospital.
Ho is currently pursuing his medical degree at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine and Pharmacy (NEOMED, formerly known as NEOUCOM) in Rootstown, Ohio.
“I have always wanted to become a doctor,” said Ho. “Everything I have done academically, thus far, has been in order to prepare for a career as a physician.”
A former graduate of Sidney High School, Ho oriented his curriculum around math and science courses and took many AP classes. He graduated valedictorian while being involved in extracurricular and outreach activities. He is an Eagle Scout and has black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Ho also served as a volunteen at Wilson Memorial Hospital. He is currently in NEOMED’s accelerated six year Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.)/Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) program. This program will allow Ho to graduate from Kent State University in two years and from medical school four years later.
“NEOMED’s mission is to create primary care physicians for Ohio quickly,” said Ho. “The nation is experiencing a shortage of primary care physicians, and I wanted to be able to help the underserved areas in Ohio as quickly as possible.”
Currently, Ho would like to pursue a residency in internal medicine. “Sidney and Shelby County is a place I love,” he said. “It has become my ambition to give back to the place that had given me everything. My doctoring class and primary ambulatory care experience classes allow me to experience first-hand the impact physicians make in their communities as leaders. I hope to one day become a leader among physicians and a leader in my community.”
For information about the scholarship program, visit For information on how to make a donation to the Physician Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact the medical staff office at (937) 498-5426, or mail your donation to Wilson Memorial Hospital, Attn: Medical Staff Office, 915 W. Michigan Street, Sidney, Ohio 45365. Please make checks payable to: Wilson Memorial Hospital Medical Staff. All donations are tax deductible.