Childbirth Education Classes Set for 2011

The birth of a new baby is a wondrous event in the lives of parents. It’s also a time when parents-to-be are full of questions. The Childbirth Education Program at Wilson Memorial helps answer questions about the birthing process and lets new parents know what options are available to make the birth of their child the best it can be.

The topics covered in the Childbirth Education Program include:nutrition and weight gain; risk factors and pre-term labor; what to expect when you arrive at the hospital; the 4 stages of labor; pain management and comfort measures; reasons for a C-section; postpartum care and newborn care and procedures. Classes are offered as either weekend or four evening weekly classes.

Wilson Memorial also offers breastfeeding classes and a mother’s support group. The breastfeeding classes discuss the benefits of breastfeeding, proper technique, and problem solving. The classes are conducted by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The support group provides mothers a supportive environment to share ideas, ask questions, discuss breastfeeding experience and concerns.

A complete class schedule for 2011 is available online at or you can call (937) 497-BABY (2229) to request a brochure. Registration is required for all classes.