Bob’s story

When their patient, Bob Watson, didn’t show up for a scheduled procedure, Wilson Health nurses Anita Bornhorst and Jeff Emrick assumed he’d slept through his alarm.

They tried calling several times. No answer.

Jeff and Anita knew that Bob lived alone, and they knew that something wasn’t right.

Shelby Public Transit was supposed to pick Bob up early. When Anita and Jeff called to see if they had collected him, the driver said no. He knocked several times, and even walked around the house, but there was no sign of Bob.

Knowing that Bob was diabetic and that he’d been told to fast the night before his procedure, Anita and Jeff grew anxious, but they didn’t give up. They searched the computer for a relative, and there was one record: an adult son out of state. Anita called and the son answered.

The thankful son called the police… When they arrived at Bob’s home, they had to knock down the door. They found Bob unconscious on the floor, and said he’d probably been that way for more than 24 hours.

Five weeks later, Bob returned to Wilson Health for his appointment, where he was reunited with Anita and Jeff. What started out as a simple phone call to get a patient to his procedure ended up saving his life — thanks to the persistence and dedication of two nurses who exemplify Caring Without Limits.

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